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Hi again beautiful soul;

Today I felt like sharing some knowledge on something we all deserve; abundance. I thought it would be nice to first focus on the meaning, then lean a bit towards the area of wealth/money (most people find it challenging), and share with you what areas I support healers and life coaches.


The meaning of abundance is a simple one: To have it all, all at the same time. More about that here.

It is important to emphasize that it is all simultaneously because we tend to compromise other areas on many occasions. For example, focusing a lot on our businesses or work and compromising our health and/ or family. Or the other way around, focusing on health and/ or family and compromising our businesses. There are all sorts of combinations.

In my case, some years ago, I was focusing a lot more on my family and their needs. So, my health and business were suffering. Then, I focused more on my family and health, and guess what? My business was still suffering… So, I had a “long meeting” with myself to sort things out. I realized I was afraid of succeeding and limiting beliefs around money that I had to cancel.

So, after healing those money wounds and that old fear, my business began to grow, my relationship with my family was still good, and my health improved even more! Everyone has a different journey, right?

Let’s talk about wealth now. Shall we?

As you probably know, I help healers and life coaches with their mindset & the skillsets required to succeed in the online world. So let’s first talk about mindset.

Charging For The Services You Offer

This is a challenging one. Let me first give you an example: Some years, ago I was at a library having a conversation with a person with whom I might have had small chit chats like 2 or 3 times before.

Eventually, he asked me: “What do you do?”. I answered: “I am a healer and life coach.” His opinion of this was: “Oh, I guess I do the same thing, but I do it for free”… Of course, I felt angry, insulted, and so on.

That was a judgment coming from a huge ignorance about all the years I studied and my experience in this. But what do you do? Hurt people hurt. I chose to leave him with his opinion. If I had tried to enlighten him about the stupidity of his disempowering comment, he wouldn’t have cared.

He just wanted to criticize; that was what he had been doing for the last couple of minutes we had been talking… Honestly, I don’t remember how the conversation continued, but he kept complaining and criticizing everything in life. So I stopped him and said very firmly that I am not interested in toxic or negative talks, that if he wanted to continue, he should find someone else to do that with.

He stopped talking to me and never tried to make conversation with me ever again. I’m so grateful for that.

I share this story because healers, in particular, tend to feel guilty when they charge. A common belief is that they shouldn’t charge for something they were gifted with. They have a talent that comes so naturally to them. Why should they charge? If this or a similar thought has run through your head, you are not alone; we have been there too.

So, what about a singer, actor, basketball player, someone who is great with organizing numbers (accountant, for example)? All of them charge because they are talented in those areas. Everyone who works and gets paid receives money because they are good at something.

Plus, you have invested time in money to learn different alternative modalities and life coaching. You deserve to profit from your investment. You are worth it.

How much you charge has to do with how worthy you feel to receive the amount of money for the service you offer. You are worthy. You are deserving of wealth and riches. It is a matter of healing some limiting beliefs, and that includes beliefs about money.


Have you ever heard the following?

Money is the root of all evil. Money is bad if you have/make a lot of money, you will transform into a snob if you start making more money than your friends you will lose them when you have a lot of money you will be surrounded by people that only care about your money instead of who you are… And the list goes on and on. Right?

Well, what if we chose to look at money differently? What if we felt it like; loving energy that comes and goes in a very loving and harmonious way. Let me explain myself: Ken Honda, considered as the Zen Millionaire, a teacher of mine, and author of around 55 books, recommends us to be grateful with money.

So, every time you receive money, you say to yourself: “arigato in” or “thank you for the money that’s coming in,” and every time you pay for anything, you say to yourself: “arigato out” or “thank you to the money that is going out.” The feeling that this fills you with is amazing. You create a relationship with money full of gratitude and reciprocity.

Everything you give away comes right back at you in the same way or incremented. Money is energy; you give positive energy out and receive a positive in too. It is beautiful. Applying this to my personal life has transformed me in other areas too. I totally recommend it.

Skillsets To Create An Online Business

We live in a digital world, and if your business is not part of it, it will not prosper. Three years ago, I had no idea how to profit in the online world, how to make a website, in what direction to go, to whom I should be directing my videos, posts, or anything I did.

Now I finally have clarity, thanks to an amazing Tribe that supports me in a way I never imagined was possible. I help healers and life coaches succeed in the digital world by sharing 3 Free workshop videos that bring them so much clarity into the possibilities of what is out there.

I have felt so pampered because I was honestly terrified due to my ignorance. Then, I realized that I was starting a journey surrounded by people who were there to support me step by step. Click by click; I witnessed the huge infrastructure that made everything so simple. I was also grateful because the core values resonate with my own: authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, and so many more.

Being Honest

I share this with you as my experience, and I’d like to say that it took me 2 years to fully understand everything due to how ignorant I used to be, the little amount of time I had, and the blockages I had in regards to abundance.

Others have succeeded a lot faster than I have, but don’t expect to make thousands of dollars in a month or 2; that is a myth.

I also want to clarify that I am no millionaire. Still, step by step, with my amazing business coach (provided by the Tribe) and my dedication, I know my exponential growth exponential is approaching.

The only way to fail is when we give up. So if you are interested in those 3 Free Video Workshops, click here. There is nothing to lose but an opportunity for growth. Please know that you are good enough, always have been.

In Conclusion

When we look around and see all of the trees in the world, the leaves on each tree, the grass, the number of insects, planets, galaxies, and so on, we can witness an abundant universe.

Nature is abundant, and it wants us to be abundant too. Since we were in the womb, we were abundant. Everything we needed was given to us. When we were babies, all our needs were met. No limiting beliefs made us feel guilty for throwing up the expensive, organic avocado that our parents fed us with. A baby doesn’t feel bad about waking their mum or dad every 2 hours during the night and feel guilty because they have to get up early for work.

No, we all had an abundance mindset. We felt worthy of receiving and accepted who we are. The limiting beliefs were acquired later on. You can also accept who you are and the amazing gifts you are bringing with you to share with the world. You can profit from your uniqueness, and you can be abundant in all areas.

What are your feelings, points of views and/or thoughts on this?

I would love to read you.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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