A New Way Of Looking At Money

What would you do if you had no restrictions about money? A lot of people would answer something like: “I would travel the world, buy a new car or house” and similar things. So I want to be more specific; what would you do if you had no money blockages?

Many, many, many people have money blockages (learn more) more than anything and in this post I just want to introduce you to the possibility of looking at it in a different way.

Happy Money vs Unhappy Money

Happy money makes us feel joyful and appreciative when we give and receive. Unhappy money on the other hand makes us feel upset and unappreciative.

So for example, if your income comes from doing something you are passionate about, the money you earn from it is happy money.

If you earn money doing something you don’t like or at the expense of someone else, the money you make is unhappy money. When you don’t like paying taxies, the energy you are giving out is the energy of unhappy money.

Money as Energy

We can see money as energy because it carries the power to upset or make us happy despite the monetary value it offers. It all starts in the way we think about it. Our thoughts influence our emotions, our emotions influence our behaviour and then our behaviour influences our beliefs. When this happens, like a virtual loop our beliefs influence our thoughts and so on. So what we think about money, abundance and riches has a huge impact on our lives.

Guilt, Shame, and the Need to be Nice can stop the Money flow.

We were born with the belief that everything was available, you can learn more about this by clicking here, so when we grew older and began to experience, hear, see the contrary in our homes, our thoughts about money and abundance changed.

We could feel ashamed for having more money than others or feel guilty for daring to talk about money in front of someone who makes less than us. Maybe we were taught that rich people are mean and take advantage of others, so the only thing we wanted is for people to think of us as someone good, but money was in the way…

All of these are huge stop signs for the money flow.

Money as a Friend

When you feel less stress about money through clearing money blockages or money wounds; you can transform your relationship with it and see it as a friend that cares about you and supports you. You can have fun with money too without feeling bad about it.

Finding peace, acceptance, joy and so many other positive emotions when you think about money is liberating. The universe is abundant and when we are in sync with it, we are abundant too.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change” -Wayne Dyer

I would love to read your thoughts about this and grow together.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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